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The Community App is a project conceived in March 2020 by Snehita Sana and Nina Zanarelli in response to the rapid escalation of COVID-19 and subsequent closing of campuses by universities across the country. Nina and Snehita wanted to make an application that would help rebuild the CMU community as classes continued to remain remote for the summer and fall semesters. With the help of a team of like-minded CMU students, they worked hard to build the app and have it open to CMU students during the fall 2020 semester. The Community app will enable students to make new friends, participate in online club events, easily form study groups with fellow classmates, and gain access to important resources to feel supported during this difficult time in all our lives.



Expand your circle by meeting new people and sharing your interests with other CMU students.


Stay up to date on all University events and add them to your calendar.


Create study groups with your peers to have fun and support each other.


Stay informed and find the support you need!

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Frequently Asked Questions

> How often will I get a new buddy?

We match you with a new buddy a few times a week. If you have more than 3 new buddies who you haven't chatted with or removed (you won't get matched with that buddy again) yet, then you won't get matched with a new buddy during the new cycle.

> How do I remove a buddy?

Click on the little info circle next to your buddy's name. You'll be moved to the buddy's profile where you'll see a "remove buddy" button.

> How can I change my profile picture?

Your profile picture is taken directly from your andrew gmail account. To change your profile in the app, go to your andrew gmail account and change your profile picture there first. After a few minutes refresh the app and you should see the new profile picture on your profile page.

> Where can I access all my chats?

You'll be able to see your new messages from all individuals by navigating to the Buddies page and clicking on Messaging icon in the top right corner. For full chat histories for study groups and study partners, you'll need to navigate to those chats through the groups on the collaboration page. For chat histories with buddies, you can click on the chat icon next to your buddies name on the Buddies homepage. We will be optimazing this feature, among others, in future updates.

> How do I upload classes and other events into my in-app calendar?

Our app works by creating a new calendar in your phone called "Community". If you want certain events to be shown in your in-app calendar, all you have to do is add those events on your phone calendar.

> Why isn't my Community in-app calendar working?

It's likely that you haven't given the app permission to access your phone calendar and/or your reminders. BOTH the calendar and reminders must be enabled on your phone for the calendar to work.

> How can I change settings for push notifications and calendar permissions?

Go to the settings page of your phone and enable push notifications and permission on there. Refresh the app and try again.

> Can I add my Community events to Google Calendar instead of iCal (iPhone)?

With the way our app works, we have to have access to your iCal calendar, but you can sync your Google Calendar and iCal calendar! First, make sure you have a calendar called "Community" in iCal and it's turned on. Then, go to Google Calendar on your iPhone and tap the three lines in the upper left corner. Scroll all the way down and tap on Settings. Then, go down to Manage Settings and turn on the slider next to iCloud. Your Community iCal and Google Calendar should be synced! If they're not synced, try going to iCloud settings on your iPhone and turning on the Calendar setting.

> My club's event is showing up on the Bridge but I don't see it on the Events page?

Our servers get updated *every night. Once you upload your event on the Bridge, please wait 24 hours before checking to make sure it's on the Events page.

> How can I delete an event from my Community calendar?

You must delete the corresponding event on your phone calendar for the event to be deleted on your Community calendar.

> Changes I make on the app aren't showing up?

Oftentimes, refreshing the app will help solve this problem. Try closing out of the app and reopening it.

> How do I terminate my account?

If you're not happy with our service, we'd appreciate it if you could email us first so we can talk about how we can make your experience better. If you'd like to directly terminate your account, please email us at with the subject header "TERMINATE MY ACCOUNT". After your account has been terminated, all your personal information, chats, buddies and study groups will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable.

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We worked really hard for this app to be as fun and useful to you as possible, and we promise to do our absolute best to take your feedback in consideration as we continue to improve our app! If you have 30 seconds, please help us out and give us some quick feedback! And if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see on this app in the future, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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We are always improving our app so that you will always find it helpful. The best way for us to help us improve your experience is for us to receive feedback from YOU. If you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to email us!

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